Japan’s mid-autumn festival is on the way. The celebration is called ‘Tsukimi’ which literally means ‘moon viewing’, referencing the custom of holding moon gazing parties at this time of year.

But there’s another traditional way to appreciate the beauty of the lunar spectacle during this season, and that’s by eating moon-like food. This can often take the form of mochi (round white rice cakes) or eggs. Around this time, many of Japan’s fast food chains also join in the fun with their own take on this tasty tradition.

McDonalds, for example, release a collection of Tsukimi themed burgers like clockwork every year, but this time around they seem to have gone above and beyond with a whole range that spans muffins, burgers, desserts, and beverages.

As is customary for Tsukimi themed dishes, all the burgers include an egg to reference the beautiful harvest moon.

First up is the unmistakable ‘Tsukimi Burger’. A classic offering consisting of an egg, beef patty, smoked bacon and tomato flavour aurora sauce. Of course, the other half of the respectable burger duo is back too, the ‘Cheese Tsukimi’.

A never-seen before addition is the ‘Rich Fuwatoro Tsukimi’ which boasts two textures of egg with a layer of scrambled egg underneath the patty and a particularly soft bun to add to that fluffiness.

Also back by popular demand is the ‘Tsukimi Muffin’ from the breakfast menu. It has the egg, smoked bacon and aurora sauce, but the meat patty is made of sausage to start your day off as you always should. In awe of the natural beauty of the moon.

Once your main has been selected, how could you resist indulging in a moon-appreciating dessert? There’s two to choose from, starting with the ‘Tsukimi Pie’ which encases soft mochi and a sweet anko in crunchy pastry.

Mochi’s moon-like shape and colour comes into play again for the new ‘McFlurry Tsukimi’ which is the first ever McFlurry to include warabi mochi, which is accompanied by a rich black syrup sauce.

There’s drinks on offer too, like the the ‘McFizz Kyoho’. Kyoho is a type of Japanese grape, and for this beverage the rich purple colour represents the mysterious night sky and is exploited by the glass design featuring a bright full moon. This drink is also available as a McFloat with a frosty soft serve top.

The ‘Tsukimi Muffin’ is on the morning menu, but all the other items can be found from 10.30 am onwards. Like the waning moon, these autumn treats must disappear too, so be sure to catch them before mid-October when they will be bumped off the menu.

By - Jess.