The sakura themed treats that inevitably appear during spring in Japan aren’t always cherry blossom flavoured. In fact, there’s many ways to interpret the seasonal phenomenon into something delicious. Sometimes it can be simply making the food pink, or adding a cherry or other fruity taste.

But McDonald’s Japan’s sakura burger for 2021 is especially inventive with the cherry blossom connection. They’ve gone for a twist on their 'Teritama' burger by adding pastrami beef, which kind of (if you squint) looks like a deep pink cherry blossom petal poking out of the bun.

The Teritama burger is considered an old classic in Japan, and it's not just the pastrami version, burger fans can also welcome the return of the standard 'Teritama', the 'Cheese Teritama' and the 'Teritama Muffin' (breakfast menu only) for a limited time.

There’s also an interesting take on the usual McDonald’s fries in a new version of Japan’s ‘Shaka Shaka’ series. These fries come with a special seasoning which you put in a bag with your fries and shake up. The flavour for spring 2021 is ‘Chicken Garlic Karaage’.

As we mentioned before, spring tastes don’t always have to mean sakura in Japan, and for this season’s McFizz and McFloat flavours, McDonalds have gone for Iwate white peach. Peach is another type of tree which blossoms, and the pink colour of the beverage is perfect for the occasion.

These spring treats will all be on the McDonald’s menu until early April.

By - Jess.