Japan has become somewhat of a spiritual home for Moomin lovers thanks to plenty of awesome spots where fans of the rotund creatures can find a slice of Moomin Valley.

There’s the Moomin theme park located just outside of Tokyo, and the Moomin Cafes which will famously sit you with a Moomin friend for company if you dine there alone. But for a more casual experience, there are also several branches around the country of 'Moomin Stand', a drinks stand themed after the well-loved Finnish trolls which sells adorable beverages with Moomin motifs.

This menu often includes seasonal products, and two new ones are on the way for autumn, showcasing two of Japan’s favourite fall flavours.

The first one is purple sweet potato flavour, made with Okinawa-grown sweet potatoes, and has a creamy custard pudding base.

The second one includes Ebisu kabocha, a type of pumpkin from Hokkaido, the perfect taste for the spookiest time of the year.

Not only do the special drinks come in cute Moomin themed cups, the straws also feature a character from the series, the Hattifatteners. Also in reference to these mysterious white characters, the bubble tea’s tapioca pearls are called ‘Hattifattener seeds’, and both these drinks contain caramel flavoured versions for fall.

The duo will be available from 18th September onwards, check out this list of Moomin Stand locations all over Japan to track down these super cute Moomin concoctions.

By - Jess.