As a super popular Taiwanese boba stand, The Alley has been a trendy staple of Japan’s bubble tea scene since the brand’s signature deer insignia landed in Tokyo a few years ago. Known for their Instagrammable beverages, they also turn their hand to some seasonal offerings every so often too.

For this year’s Holiday offerings, The Alley have taken the idea of festive desserts and turned them into some exciting boba creations. The ‘Kari Kari Sweets Latte’ series is described as ‘just like drinking a cake’, and is exclusive to The Alley’s Japan locations.

First up is the festively red ‘Kari Kari Strawberry Sweets Latte’, which has a berry-flavoured Assam tea latte base with a crunchy flake topping.

The second one, which is inspired by a classic Italian dessert, is the ‘Kari Kari Tiramisu Sweets Latte’. The coffee taste is accentuated by rich mascarpone.

Each one can be copped as an iced smoothie, mildly hot, or hot, and tapioca pearl toppings can be added for a true bubble tea experience.

The hot beverages also come in adorable winter-appropriate red cups, with a chilly-looking deer out in the snow, sipping some tea of his own.

But since they are limited-time-only, these festive treats are only going to be around from 1st December until 25th. A full list of locations in Japan can be found on The Alley's website.

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By - Jess.