Tororo soba is popular way to enjoy soba buckwheat noodles in Japan. The dish tops the noodles with tororo--a gooey white topping made from grated Japanese yams. It also has a name that's great for a Studio Ghibli pun, Japanese cake enthusiast and Twitter user @gintarosu has shown.

@gintarosu recently took to Twitter to share their "Totoro soba", artistically recreating the beloved Studio Ghibli character as a serving of tororo soba.

The noodles are cleverly heaped into piles that make up Totoro's body, and details are filled in by nori seaweed, chopped green onions, and of course, tororo to make up Totoro's fluffy belly.

This isn't the first time @gintarosu has gotten creative with their food. They previously recreated popular Japanese kid's superhero Anpanman as a cake--and his ability to let people eat his head!

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By - Big Neko.