In the fall of 2018, a new family member suddenly joined Mia Ibañez’s household.

They found a little, black kitten in a vacant lot behind Mia’s house, meowing frantically. So they took her in and named her Jinx.

At the time, Jinx was believed to be about 4 weeks old. Mia and her family wrapped Jinx in a blanket and brough her home.

Fortunately, Jinx was in good health and drank all the milk they gave her. And so she joined the family.

Mia took a good look at her new kitten and was surprised by how big her eyes were. But she figured maybe it’s just because Jinx was a kitten and she’d grow into them.

However, as Jinx grew, her big, round, bug eyes continued to stand out.

Not only that, but Jinx’s legs also turned outward like how some people are duck-footed.

Check out a few photos below from bigfootjinx of fully-grown Jinx.

For fans of Japanese anime, you may recognize Jinx as the inspiration for Jiji, Kiki’s magical pet cat in Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service. Ok, well, no relation, but Jinx could definitely be casted as Jiji if a live-action version ever happens!

Anyways, Mia was concerned about Jinx’s odd appearance, so she took her to the vet to be examined. Luckily the results showed her to be quite healthy.

Her outward-facing feet may have been congenital or caused at birth, but caused no health complications for Jinx.

Jinx’s unique appearance has captured the heart of cat lovers, and as of October 11, 2021, Jinx has over 132,000 followers on Instagram.

There’s even Jinx merch available, like this cool shirt for Halloween!

Some people may think that Jinx looks strange. But isn’t the truth that we’re all strange in some way? So let’s love each other for our differences! Thanks for the life lesson Jinx!

By - Mujo.