Without even touching on love hotels (and the many themed-rooms found within them), Japan certainly offers a lot of lodging experiences with very specific themes. Manga art hotels, ninja hotel rooms supervised by Japan's Ninja Council, and even Pokémon hotel rooms with giant Snorlax plushies are just a few of the themed home bases you can have as you travel the country.

Noodle lovers, and particularly ramen lovers, can thank a Tokyu Hotel branch in Sapporo for the perfect place to stay: a ramen-themed room that has guests feel as if they are staying at an actual ramen shop--loaded with free ramen goodies as well!

The new room plan is a collaboration between the hotel and popular tonkotsu ramen chain Yamaokaya, which is famous for a particularly rich pork broth.

The room layout is particularly clever, as the window curtains hang under an entrance sign to the "shop", recreating the curtains you pass through to enter a Yamaokaya. Behind the beds is a red counter area, as well as a complete restaurant menu. The mirror reflects the ramen shop's wallpaper and table where, of course, you can eat ramen.

It's not just decor, however. The room comes with one pack each of Yamaokaya's shoyu (soy sauce) ramen and special miso ramen, a bottle of the ramune soda sold at the restaurant, and even a Yamaokaya sports towel decorated with ramen bowls. You also get a voucher for a free bowl of ramen redeemable at Yamaokaya, Gokuniboshihonpo, or Gokumisohonpo.

The collaboration came about as a means to help promote the Susukino area of Sapporo (where the hotel and nearby ramen is located). Yamaokaya's head office is also located in Sapporo.

A single room runs 7,300 yen per person, while a twin room is priced at 5,700 yen per person.

Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel

Address: 064-8509 5-1 Minami 4jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City

Reservations by phone only (011-530-3422)

Availability period: July 22nd-September 30th.

By - Big Neko.