You know a character has achieved mass popularity in Japan when it starts to get reincarnated in numerous creative ways. Like that time Boo from Mario became a Mochi. Or when Godzilla’s tail was lopped off and used in a ramen dish.

From these examples you’ve probably guessed that using food is one of the most common ways to show affection for a character. Most recently, popular characters Pikachu and Kirby have been reborn in dumpling form by Twitter user Misoharu (@miso_haru_) whose photos of their work have proved hugely popular, attracting over 200,000 likes!

Check out the extraordinary images below!

Reproduced with permission from Misoharu (@miso_haru_)

Reproduced with permission from Misoharu (@miso_haru_)

Reproduced with permission from Misoharu (@miso_haru_)

Reproduced with permission from Misoharu (@miso_haru_)

Cute characters including Pikachu, Kirby, Miffy and Dragon Quest’s slime have been dumplingified!

Miso Haru painstakingly handcrafted each dumpling by hand! They posted a video of the whole process on their YouTube channel here:

It’s clear that a very steady hand was required to create these characters. In the video Misoharu mentioned that it took over half a day to make all the dumplings. Misoharu says, "It took a lot of time because it was made while shooting," but even so, it’s a work requiring great patience.

The time and effort paid off however as every single dumpling is bursting with charm! Various fans on twitter praised the dumplings, sharing comments like the ones below:

  • Wow! cute! !! If it was sold as a product, I would buy it immediately.
  • This is too cute to eat! It's amazing.
  • I want to imitate it! It looks fun even if it looks tough.
  • It looks cute and delicious. Isn't it amazing that the face doesn't collapse even when boiled?

If you too adore cute characters like Pikachu and KIrby, why not try making these character dumplings yourself by following Miso Haru's video.

This article was originally published on Grape’s Japanese site. Check it out here.

By - Toby M.