A popular tonkatsu (Japanese fried pork cutlet) chain Katsuya's menu is stacked with a number of katsu varieties, including rice bowls and curry, but they routinely offer up something either off-the-wall such as corn flake chicken katsu bowls or massive in portion, such as their "full power bento boxes".

Their latest release follows the latter trend, as the chain is promising to double the meat and carbs with its new "Niku Udon Chicken Katsu Don"!

The Niku Udon Chicken Katsu Don (Meat udon chicken katsu rice bowl) takes stewed pork belly, udon noodles, and chicken katsu cutlets and serves it all on top of a rice bowl, along with a helping of shredded cabbage they recommend drizzling with chili oil. (590 yen on its own)

Those who'd prefer to keep the rice separated from their noodles can order it as a set, which comes a bowl of white rice and tonjiru soup (Japanese pork soup). (690 yen)

You can also simply opt for a riceless version for 490 yen.

A takeout option is also available for 590 yen.

All variations will be available at Katsuya locations nationwide starting October 2nd for a limited time.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.