Burger King Japan has had a busy year with Whopper variants. When they're not trying to give us good burger luck with a Whopper that wards off evil, they seem to be aiming to satisfy meat lovers and vegetarians alike with both their all-you-can-eat Maximum Super One Pound Beef Burger challenge and their new Plant-Based Whopper.

Avocado fans won't have to fret, however, as Burger King Japan is making their new Avocado Whopper available with both beef and plant-based patties.

The avocado-topped whopper is available in both a standard 100% beef patty, but also a smoky soy-bean based patty prepared the same way over Burger King's signature open flame. As you can see, they look identical.

Avocado Beef Whopper

Avocado Plant Whopper

Both will be available at Burger King Japan locations from February 5th.

By - Big Neko.