As more and more companies gravitate towards long-term telework policies to continue safe and distanced working as a countermeasure to the coronavirus situation, we're seeing some interesting "telework furniture" pieces being released--such as this incredibly private gaming, working, and drinking tent.

As winter approaches, however, people in Japan begin to long for the lounging and warming comfort of a kotatsu. Kotatsu are low-situated tables with a heater installed underneath, which then trap the heat with a heavy and comfy blanket. They have a somewhat legendary appeal of providing an inescapable source of lazy comfort while acting as communal centers in the house.

Unfortunately, being extremely comfy and lazy is a bit of an obstacle for those working at home. That's Japanese retailer Aeon has proposed an alternative that will let at-home workers enjoy the heat and comfort of a kotatsu while also hopefully being able to function productively.

The company's Home Coory brand is releasing a high-legged kotatsu so you can use it while seated in a chair without falling asleep, and it comes equipped with USB and power outlets as well.

Besides the convenience it provides for working from home, it also will likely ease some fears of running a high heating bill during the winter. The "High legged kotatsu" also comes in sizes that can accommodate up to four people, so it can be used for gaming and dining as well.

1, 2, and 4 person models can be purchased at Aeon stores throughout Japan as well as ordered from Aeon online.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.