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Sea turtles adorably demand shell scrubbing from pleasantly overwhelmed staff

For animal lovers, the idea of being zoo or aquarium staff member has to be enticing. However, on top of the perks of being surrounded by so many great animals, there comes some demanding requirements.

A worker at Kiho-cho Sea Turtle Park, a roadside station aquarium park in Japan's Mie prefecture, showed recently just how adorably taxing things can be. In a time lapse video shared by the park, you can see the worker cleaning a living space for turtles--only to be repeatedly hounded to brush their shells!

The sea turtles simply cannot resist a good scrub down of their shells, even though the staff member isn't exactly there to do that. After one "boss" turtle makes the worker give them a scrub, others follow in suit. Many in the replies section were charmed by the turtles, with some learning for the first time that turtles actually enjoy a good shell scrubbing.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.