@upaza_toryo is known as the cardboard architect, and for good reason. Constructing temples, castles, and even functional buses and boats, the talented artist has been taking ordinary cardboard pieces and transforming them into stunning works of art.

@upaza_toryo has been constructing cardboard art since he was a child, and uses a variety of tools from x-acto knives to hole punchers to complete and perfect his creations. Some of his most prominent works include Byōdō-in temple and Matsumoto Castle, each of which he has said took about 6 months to make.

Byōdō-in temple

Matsumoto Castle

The artist, who actually makes cardboard architecture solely as a hobby, is also known for making buses, boats, and even military tanks that can run and float. His buses are even made with functioning windshield wipers!

Fully functioning projects

Even when using stiff cardboard as his main material, @upaza_tokyo makes it a point to replicate the beautiful curvatures of the architecture he is recreating. That and his meticulous attention to detail always results in magnificent, realistic cardboard architecture that possess an astonishing sense of grandeur.

Since his projects are only done as a hobby, they’re not for sale. But you can still appreciate his one-of-a-kind works of art on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.