You may remember Japanese photographer Yukari (@mitsuyuka_lp), who travels the country taking stunning pictures of gorgeous locations in Japan that sometimes look like they've been lifted straight from a Studio Ghibli anime. Here's a reminder if you need one:

One of Yukari's latest photos not only maintains that trend but maybe sets the bar for it. While riding home on a boat from traveling to a Japanese island, the talented photographer snapped a perfectly timed shot that is drawing comparisons to the memorable scene in Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away where Chihiro rides a train along submerged tracks.

Source: @mitsuyuka_lp

As you can see, the picture definitely has similarities to the famous scene in atmosphere. lighting (unaltered), and of course, the seaside view. Even without comparing it to the classic animated film, however, the separation of color by window makes it charming in its own right.

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By - Big Neko.