Popular Japanese actress Kanna Hashimoto, praised since her debut for her natural beauty, has been busy appearing on variety shows and dramas on TV as well as acting in films, many of which have been adaptations of manga and anime, such as "Assassination Classroom" (2015) "Gintama" (2017) and the upcoming "Kaguyama-sama: Love is War" (2019).

Naturally, companies have also been eager to engage her in advertising campaigns. One of these is Rohto, which currently uses Hashimoto as their "image character" for their "Aimable" line of color contact lenses.

With Halloween quickly approaching, the eye product and contact lens maker took advantage of the holiday to put Hashimoto in a Halloween costume which also shows off the Aimable lenses.

Unicorn Kanna

On Aimable's official Twitter account, Rohto revealed the following images of Kanna in her new unicorn look, complete with a horn. According to the press release, the "Aurora Marble" Aimable color contact lenses she is wearing add "a beautiful color and brilliance to her eyes, entrancing the viewer," and enhancing her "cute unicorn costume and pastel makeup."

Twitter campaign

10 lucky participants will receive a unicorn headband like Hashimoto wore in her photo shoot, along with Halloween balloons and other decorations to help you enjoy the Halloween holiday season. All participants will receive a photo of unicorn Kanna as a Twitter reply. From October 12th, a second campaign will be held in which 50 lucky participants will win a printed plastic folder with an image of unicorn Kanna on it.

To participate, follow Aimable's Twitter account, an Tweet a message with the hashtag #ユニコーン環奈 and @aimable_rohto.

Aimable color contact lenses

Tulle marble, Aurora marble, and Shine marble Aimable color contact lenses:

For more information on Aimable color contact lenses, visit their official product page here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.