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Harajuku food truck now serves Japanese Cheesesteak

Many of Japan's headline-catching sandwiches such as fruit sandwiches and pudding sandwiches, are found in convenience stores. It's a food truck in Harajuku, however, that is responsible for perhaps the latest: The Japanese Cheesesteak Dog.

The Japanese Cheesesteak Dog is actually a collaboration by the new food truck JD Service and Udon restaurant Menchirashi. The "Japanese" in the cheesesteak comes from using beef from gyudon (meat topped rice bowls) and crispy tempura red ginger. The meat is slathered in melted cheese and served up on koppe pan, a light and fluffy bread used in Japan often used as a hot dog bun.

The sandwich was commissioned by Harajuku-based "The Little Bakery Tokyo" to use ingredients representative of the area as a new "soul food of Harajuku". That's apparently a cheesy gyudon stuffed into a sandwich!

The Japanese Cheesesteak will be available starting October 10th for 750 yen, with additional toppings priced at 100 yen.


Address: 5-12-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Mahal Omotesando

Phone number: 080-7586-0702

Business hours: 11:00 to 18:00

By - grape Japan editorial staff.