Sometimes, the lengths we go to just to entertain those around us, take things to the extreme. Whether it’s the endless hours put into learning a new dance performance for a show, or the callouses that grow on the tips of a musicians fingertips, or even the level of perfection that goes into every tea ceremony. These small moments can often seem so small and trivial, yet in reality, they are some of the most important parts to mastering a craft, hobby or masterpiece.
Though painful, these moments and commitments often come with great rewards.

There’s a new contender to add to the list of people giving it their all. Photographer Kazuya Seki, ‘held his breath’ when taking this beautiful shot as part of a fashion photoshoot.

Source: @kazuyaseki86

The beautiful image features a model standing barefoot atop some boulders in a river. With the crystal clear waters of the river, the deep green of the surrounding forest and the soft natural light that brightens up the model’s face, the image transports the viewer to a warm summer day spent by the riverside.

So how does a photographer take such a captivating image?
Kazuya Seki shared a behind-the-scenes of this particular photoshoot, which really shows his commitment to photography.

Source: @kazuyaseki86

Captioning the reveal on twitter as ‘This is the seriousness of the photographer’, Seki has won over the admiration of a number of new fans and followers.

Twitter user @satogiri008 commented “I’d need a snorkel”, to which Seki replied with “I’m purchasing one next week”.
@terje28 commented “The photographer is waterproof”. Seki joked back, “but oxygen is required.”
Others asked Seki how he planned to keep up his commitment when it snows.

These behind-the-scenes from photoshoots give the viewer a new way to appreciate the hard work that goes into creating captivating images.

So which photo left you breathless?

By - Connie Sceaphierde.