Japanese retailer Felissimo is well known for their eccentric animal-themedgoods, such as a service that delivers gift wrapped giant baby seal plushies to your doorstep. Lately, however, they've been turning to popular Japanese food for inspiration. With jumbo fried shrimp umbrellas, slimy natto pen cases, and ramen bath towels.

Felissimo is now turning to one of Japan's favorite bar foods to give fried chicken lovers something to dream about with large and realistic and "juicy" karaage pillow cushions!

For the uninitiated, karaage is Japanese fried chicken (although it's technically different than fried chicken) that is enjoyed often in bento lunch boxes, from convenience stores, and especially at Japanese pubs (where it's commonly served with a lemon slice to squeeze juice from).

Felissimo says the pillows were designed by karaage lovers who set out to realistically replicate the treat, including details such as the heavy weight, the elasticity of the crispy thigh meat, and the uneven lumps in some places.

They also claim the pillows recreate three "pieces" of karaage: thin and easy to eat pieces, karaage bits that you want to save until the end, and pieces with the best skin and meat ratio.

The set also comes with a lemon slice cushion, as well as pockets to insert your smart phone--which Felissimo recommends using to play sizzling ASMR of karaage being fried--which of course, they've provided.

The "juicy and chewy" karaage pillow cushions can be ordered from Felissimo, at both their Japanese and international online stores.

By - Big Neko.