Japanese retailer Felissimo has a long list of popular quirky goods, including fried shrimp umbrellas and realistic oyster pouches, but one of their biggest hits so far has been a chubby seal body pillow (which is inspired by the roundest seal in the world).

Felissimo's latest reason to be in headlines takes their popular round and bubbly seal plushie and delivers it to your home, gift wrapped in special packaging--and the sight of it is incredibly adorable!

Felissimo will now be delivering their popular (and pretty realistic) round seal plushie in gift wrapping, which makes for an adorable image when the giant body pillow pops out of its packaging.

While the gift packaging is designed to make the seal look like a baby, once you open it you are greeted to a rather large and round cushion!

The cushion was designed while being supervised by staff from Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan to recreate Yuki, the famous round seal, down to the finest details.

The "Chubby Seal Yuki Soft Fluffy Big Cushion" is available from Felissimo (Japanese store, international store) for 6,820 yen.

By - Big Neko.