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Halloween Haul: Best 100-yen items to buy this Halloween

Starting from September, you will already see the many Halloween decorations making their appearance in Japan.

The truth is that Japan is always so eager when it comes to events, and the atmosphere, arrangements, ornaments, even foods are starting to change a month or even more earlier before the event day.

I am always looking forward to this time of year and seeing the Jack O’Lantern all around my neighborhood together with other Halloween decorations.

Also, seeing the people already wearing their costumes even if there is more than a month left until Halloween, gets my spirits up, and I look forward to seeing what innovative costume ideas they bring this year.

I enjoy buying a lot of ornaments for my home, or my mini plant area on the veranda, and also fun items to take spooky pictures with.

One place I often go to this time of the year is the 100-yen shop. The 1-dollar stores in Japan have so many varieties, and during events such as Halloween or Christmas, it’s unbelievable how many things you can find!

From face paint, masks, costumes to cute ornaments, food, magnets, stickers to decorate your interior and get a bit of that Halloween/ Christmas atmosphere into your home.

That being said, here are some of the items I picked last time I went to the 1-dollar store:

Cute pumpkins to decorate your house

Photo by © cinnamonellie

I saw these pumpkins in two colors, and both had some spiders on it, so I thought it would look great if I place them on my veranda or next to the TV.

I have a soft spot for pumpkins, so whenever I see some, I tend to buy it (even though I already have quite a stock of pumpkin decorations at home).

Black cat Coasters

Photo by © cinnamonellie

When you think of Halloween, you think of witches, and when you think of witches, you think of black cats.

I saw these coasters that also absorb the water and have this cute design with a black cat, so I decided I must have them!

Magic Wand

There were quite a couple of Wand options, but I went with a black one with a small fluff on top and bell. I thought that after finishing taking some photos, I can use it as a toy for my cat.

Black Cat Cushion

Photo by © cinnamonellie

As I’ve been working from home recently, I’ve been in desperate need of a cushion.

I decided on one to go with the Halloween theme, so I chose the black cat cushion. Cute and comfy!

Pumpkin magnets

Photo by © cinnamonellie

Now that I bought the pumpkin ornaments, I also had to buy some magnets for my fridge. I found these adorable magnets, and there were so many designs, but in the end, I decided to go for the white and black pumpkins.

Lace Chain Choker

Photo by © cinnamonellie

I already prepared a costume for the Halloween night, but something was missing. I figured out that I also need a choker, and I found the perfect match (for only one dollar!)

Here are my six recommendations, and would love to hear yours. Do you already have a Halloween costume? If not, I recommend checking the 100-yen store as there is a wide variety of masks you can choose from.

By - cinnamonellie.