If you've ever visited to Japan from May to June, you would know that during this period, is where the tsuyu(梅雨/rainy season) usually begins.

During the rainy season, the humidity is also very high and even though the outside is rainy or cloudy, the ultraviolet rays are very strong and people can get sunburn if they don’t protect themselves.

During this gloomy season, many people are concerned of how to stay dry and protected from the rain and UVs, so here are some tips I learned living in Japan and having to get through the tsuyu for the past few years:

Opt for a good and big umbrella

While in Japan, you can buy umbrellas for just 100 yen, during the rainy season it might not be such a good idea. The cheap umbrellas are usually quite small and won’t be protecting your clothes from rain. Also, keep in mind that if the wind is stronger outside, the cheap umbrellas can easily break, so buying a big and steady one might be the best solution.

In Japan, there is a lot of variety when it comes to umbrellas and you can also find umbrellas such as “塗らさない傘アンヌレラ”/Nurasanai Kasa Unnurella that won’t get you wet due to the water repellent material used when fabricated and that even offers 99% UV rays protection.

For more colorful and nice designs, I recommend you check out our “Stay dry in the rain under colorful Japanese-style Umbrellas” article.

Wear good rain boots and raincoats

If you need to walk or ride a bicycle, it is better to get some good raincoats and boots so your clothes and socks won’t get wet. If you are not a fan of rain boots, you can always get waterproof footwear or put on some waterproof spray on your shoes before leaving the house.

Dry your umbrella

At the entrance of shops/restaurants in Japan, you will always find umbrella holders, drying racks, or disposable plastic for umbrellas. Before using it, you might want to shake the umbrella first so you won’t leave the space super wet and also remember to dry yourself before entering a public space.

Protect yourself from the UV rays

Use UV protection clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen even though the outside is cloudy or rainy.

The UV rays are increasing during this season and can even pass through thick clouds and rain, so you still need to be careful and protect your skin during the rainy season. Actually, during tsuyu, the UV rays are still about the same amount as they are in July or August and if you are not taking appropriate measures, your skin might get damaged. The UV rays can cause skin problems such as spots, freckles, wrinkles, so it is important to apply sunscreen and keep your skin hydrated.

When going out, it might be a good idea to carry a sunscreen spray or powder so you can easily reapply it.

Here you can see a few tips for bright skin and UV protection goods you can find in Japan.

Also, for activities during the rainy season, we recommend glamping and you can find out more about it in our Ame Glamping guide.

I hope these tips will be helpful and don’t let your guard down even during the rainy season as you might wake up with an unexpected sunburn.

By - cinnamonellie.