Taiyaki is a type of Japanese snack that has the shape of a fish.

“Tabe-aruki”(食べ歩き/”eating on the move) is a popular concept in Japan. Nowadays, we can even say it’s already a part of the Japanese culture.

Many people enjoy street food here, and sightseeing while eating various snacks or local dishes is a thing to look forward to when going to visit a new place in Japan.

In the sweets category, we have soft cream, Japanese sweets, such as mochi, dango, daifuku, manju, dorayaki, and of course, taiyaki!

Taiyaki is a traditional snack in Japan, and you can often see people eating it during festivals.

I remember I used to see it in anime or Japanese dramas a lot, and most of the time, the characters would eat the azuki beans (red beans) flavor.

Here are some of my most recommended flavors:

Red Beans

The traditional sweet red bean filling is the most common one, and you’ll find it at any store you go to.

As it is the most classic one, people would often opt for having azuki beans filled taiyaki with a hot cup of green tea.

Custard Cream

The custard cream is again one of the traditional flavors that have been very popular among all generations. I like it a lot because it is sweet and would personally have it with Japanese Black Tea.


The chocolate flavor is a twist of modern and classic. The milk chocolate cream that fills the taiyaki is delicious and worth trying!


You were probably waiting for the matcha flavor to make its appearance. In Japan, all sweets must have a matcha flavor, too, and taiyaki is no exception.

If you are into Japanese flavors, you should try the combination of the azuki beans and matcha. You’ll love it!

Chestnut paste

We are finally on the seasonal flavors, and one that I must mention is the chestnut paste filled taiyaki! A perfect snack for this season.

Sweet Potato

In the same category as the chestnuts filling, you’ll also find the sweet potato one! Sweet, as its name suggests, delicious, and a perfect match for tea.

Apple pie

The apple pie filling might seem a bit unusual to some of you, but I can assure you that it tastes delightful!

Here are my top seven picks, but there are so many other flavors, such as sakura, Anko, or even more creative ones such as curry!

Let us know which one you like/ you’d love to try out.

By - cinnamonellie.