Lovers of Japanese desserts will already know about taiyaki. This classic treat is shaped like a fish and comes with various types of fillings. While sweet red bean paste is traditional, you can also snap up versions filled with custard, chocolate sauce, or even savoury options like beef and cheese. It can often be seen at festivals or as a form of street food, and is baked in an iron mould to achieve the shape of a sea bream.

But one type of taiyaki you don’t see often is the vegan version. The usual recipe calls for a batter including egg and milk for the fish-shaped casing. However, one taiyaki specialist shop, called Warashibe, has collaborated with vegan delicatessen, Glean, to come up with a new recipe completely without animal products.

Not only is this snack vegan, but it is also healthier than a conventional taiyaki, with less sugar and salt, reduced fat and fewer calories. The red bean paste filling is made with Hokkaido-sourced adzuki beans.

It costs 194 yen, or you can get it served up with vegan ice cream for 378 yen.

The vegan taiyaki is currently being sold for a limited time only as a test run at ‘Glean by OneBite’, which can be found just an 8 minute walk from Shibuya train station in Tokyo.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.