Although seasonal doughnuts appear in many parts of the world, Japan is arguably the country where you can find the most adorable ones. Just take Japan’s branches of Krispy Kreme as an example. They’ve got every season covered, from New Year to Easter to Halloween, each one with seemingly cuter creations than the last.

Since Spooktober came to a close, plenty of brands have been incredibly quick to jump on the Christmas sleigh, and Krispy Kreme is no exception, announcing their ‘Happy Holiday’ range to be released on 11th November.

This year’s offerings include plenty of super cute characters. First up is a ‘Strawberry Milk Santa’ (290 yen), with white chocolate curls as his beard. And instead of a belly like a bowl full of jelly, he’s filled with strawberry milk cream.

Next is the ‘Caramel Christmas Bear’ (250 yen). Described as the perfect Christmas present, he has chocolate features and an adorable Santa hat to finish off the look.

The ‘Chocolate Snowman’ (240 yen) is back again with chocolate cream and a strawberry nappage scarf.

‘Strawberry Choco Sprinkle’ (200 yen) takes on a simpler form as a classic ring doughnut with a strawberry chocolate coating, but it still takes the time to spread holiday cheer through appropriately coloured sprinkles.

Lastly, the ‘White Cheese Cream’ (220 yen) has luxurious mascarpone cheese cream to mimick snow and freeze dried strawberries and pistachios create the seasonal red and green sprinkling.

Over the holiday period, Krispy Kreme will be selling their seasonal treats in boxes of various sizes, perfect for any Xmas party or festive feast.

So if you're dreaming of a sweet Christmas, all these holiday offerings will be available until 25th December, except the snowman and white cheese cream doughnuts which will be sticking around until January.

By - Jess.