Hideki Otsuka, aka (@cat_or_die) lives in Yokohama with his cats.

He recently shared a short video on Twitter of his kitten sleeping on his laptop.

It’s been viewed almost a million times in just a week!

Hideki’s caption reads,

The laptop’s screen shifts in rhythm to the cat’s breathing.

In need of attention, wanting to warm his belly, or perhaps a bit of both, Hideki’s cat lay atop his computer.

With each breathe, the kitten’s belly swells, unwittingly toggles the screen.

Can’t get any cuter than that right?

Ripples and Reactions

The video was even broadcast on TV, and Hideki shared his kitten’s reaction to receiving national attention.

Hideki wrote, “Not interested in seeing himself on TV…”

Such a modest little guy, isn’t he?

(@cat_or_die) received a lot of comments, but one user upped the ante and shared this image,

Besides sharing sensational videos and helping his cats go viral, Hideki is also a talented musician.

While writing this article, I listened to some of his songs on SoundCloud

Check out his website here → cat or die

His most recent album, entitled Life in the Woods, is available on all major music streaming services.

By - Mujo.