Karaage-kun, a brand of Japanese karaage fried chicken sold at Lawson, might be the reigning champ of the Japanese convenience store hot food section. Over the years, its become popular enough to have its very own Final Fantasy Limit Break flavor and was recently even certified as official space food.

Karaage-kun continues to evolve, this time via a collaboration between Lawson convenience stores and popular ramen chain Korakuen. Together they are teaming up to give junk food lovers a match made in caloric heaven: ramen flavored fried chicken!

The new flavor of Karaage-kun fried chicken nuggets is designed to recreate the classic taste of Korakuen's Chuka-soba ramen, which has a soy sauce-based broth infused with chicken, vegetables, and menma bamboo shoots. The Korakuen Chuka-soba karaage is currently available from Lawson convenience stores for a limited time, priced at 216 yen.

By - Big Neko.