As one of Tokyo’s most traditional areas, the Jinrikisha, or Rickshaw is a common sight in Asakusa. Across the city, Tourists can be seen sitting in small raised carriages pulled by human drivers who introduce the area.

Clad in classic clothing and the divided-toe Jika-tabi (tabi boots), the drivers are often noted for their non-stop energy, commitment to their customers and their enthusiasm for the area they work in.
With wide smiles, booming voices, and a devotion to their job, the drivers not only entertain tourists, but also help to restore life to Asakusa.

With a job that demands so much positivity, strength and agility, you may be thinking that the rickshaw drivers have little energy left.

You’d be wrong.

This promotional video features members of the rickshaw pulling/music band – Tokyo Rickshaw. Formed in 2019 as a way to promote tourism in Asakusa, Tokyo Rickshaw consists of traditional rickshaw drivers, Kazunari, Takuya, Zeo and Yuichi.
Through song, dance and their signature acrobatic skills, the rickshaw drivers prove that they always have plenty of energy to spare. And yes...they really are rickshaw drivers from Asakusa.

Through their video performances, the rickshaw-pulling quartet introduce Imado Shrine, Nishiasakusa shopping street, Hanayashiki Dori and other famous Asakusa sightseeing spots that are often part of a Jinricksha tour of the area.
Additionally, the video also features a kabuki character, shamisen performance and an odori dance typical of the traditional culture of Asakusa.

(p.s Watch to the end for a cheeky treat…)

A snippet of Tokyo Rickshaw’s newest single, ‘Tenkagomen no Dateotoko’ accompanies the promotional movie. To discover what happens next in the film, fans will need to purchase a copy of the single, which will be available from November 18th.

With plenty of festivals having been cancelled following the outbreak of COVID-19, the fast-paced and energetic video acts as an enthusiastic reminder of what awaits us after the storm of 2020. Events may be cancelled, but you can still enjoy the festive mood from home with the singing and dancing performance of the Jinricksha quartet.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.