Cosmos, affectionately named ‘akizakura’ in Japanese – literally, ‘cherry blossom of autumn’ – are a popular flower that blooms from mid September to early November.

Celebrated for their delicate colours, the sight of pale pink, red and white flowers fluttering in a gentle autumn breeze is familiar amongst residents of Japan. Each year, a number of flower parks display fields brimming with millions of Cosmos, with the elegant flowers resembling a sea popping with varying shades of red.

This beautiful image was taken by Saizou, a photographer based in Hiroshima with a passion for nature and an itch for mountain climbing.

The impressive shot captures a carpet of Cosmos illuminated by the rising sun at Shirakamine Plateau in Nagasaki Prefecture. Though the bright reddish hues of Cosmos always make for great juxtaposition against a cool blue autumn sky, this sunrise combination compliments the shades of varying red colours and makes for a fantastical shot.

Saizou posted his snap on twitter, where it was an instant hit amongst fans;

By - Connie Sceaphierde.