Japanese retailer Felissimo has a wide variety of animal pouches to carry around your goods with, but their favorite seems to particularly round recreations of animals that round the more you stuff them with--including puffy cheeked chinchillas and ducks. Their latest entry in their pouch lineup isn't quite as quirky as their new "cats with furry and jiggly balls" release, but it certainly will please adorable rodent fans: plump and squishy guinea pig pouches!

The pouches, which fit in the palm of your hand, are designed with surprisingly realistic guinea pig features and have a squishy, stretch, mochi-like "chewy" texture (although they aren't meant to be chewed.) They can be used to store goods in your bag, or you can simply fill them up to be a fluffy guinea pig plushie.

The pouches are available in three different guinea pig designs.

The pouches can be ordered from both Felissimo's international and Japanese online stores for 2,200 yen.

By - Big Neko.