Japanese branches of doughnut chain Mister Donut have been the home of the Pokemon doughnut since 2018, with their Pikachu face doughnuts catching attention for their cuteness.

Each year a lineup of awesome Poke-treats are released in the winter. They previously announced the return of the Pikachu face for 2020, as well as a three dimensional tribute to the Poke Ball.

Now they’ve expanded on exactly what’s on offer, and it’s more than we Pokemon trainers originally bargained for, with another first generation fave made into a delicious doughnut. The whole collection has the name of ‘Lucky Christma-chu’, combining the words Christmas and Pikachu into an adorable portmanteau.

This year’s Pikachu doughnut has a pudding-flavoured chocolate coating with chocolate features, and a custard whip filling.

Another reason for the ‘Lucky Christma-chu’ name is the second doughnut on offer. Chansey’s Japanese moniker is ‘Lucky’ and the creature’s doughnut appearance has a strawberry chocolate coating.

The spherical Poke Ball doughnut has a strawberry glaze and whip filling, and comes in a wrapping which makes it look just like the classic red and white Poke Ball from the series.

But if you’ve got a stronger Pokemon to catch, there’s even an Ultra Ball on offer with a custard whip filling, a chocolate coating and icing flourishes to mimic the original ball’s design.

Chansey also became one of the stars of the adorable and exclusive Pokemon goods that customers can acquire when purchasing certain festive doughnut sets (priced between 1300 and 1415 yen).

These super cute offerings are for the Holiday season only, so they will only be around until late December. There’s different prices depending on whether you take-out or eat-in, but all the doughnuts are a tasty price at 264 yen or less. As always, Mister Donut’s Pokemon campaign is bound to be super popular so you’ll have to be fast to catch ‘em all!

By - Jess.