Felissimo might just be Japan's leading retailer in very particular animal-themed accessories and household goods (such as cat shaped pouches that come with furry testicles). Their Kotori-bu brand specifically aims to please bird lovers, and includes quirky goods such as super round Java sparrow plushie cases and long-tailed tit laundry clips.

Their latest Kotori-bu release flies in just in time for the winter. Felissimo is releasing three snood-neck warmer hybrids that turn your head into a colorful bird.

The slip-on and fastenable snoods come in colorful and cute designs inspired by cockatiels, budgerigars, and rosy-faced lovebirds. They can be worn as a simple snood, but also flow down long enough to warm the neck and can be pulled over the eyes for when you're feeling like a bit of shuteye.

The comfy birdy snoods can be ordered from both Felissimo's Japanese and international online stores for 3,126 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.