It's gotten to the point where there might actually be nothing Japan can't turn into a capsule toy. With miniature Lovecraftian squid and watermelon hybrids, cats sliding out of matchboxes, and even kawaii colorful poop, collectors of quirky miniatures have a lot to choose from.

Those looking to add to their collection of very niche capsule toys now have a new option courtesy of Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy: miniature toilet slippers!

As you likely know, in Japan it's common etiquette to remove one's shoes before entering a house or certain establishments. While simply walking shoeless is fine, some places provide indoor slippers, as well as separate slippers specifically for use in the restroom.

Of course, this means they need their very own capsule toy.

The toilet sandal miniatures come in five different styles, and are available at capsule toy machines all throughout Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.