Cthulian squid monster and watermelon hybrids and kawaii colorful poop are just a few examples of how niche capsule toys can get in Japan. Capsule toy maker Kitan Club carries the torch for that trend, having introduced miniature toys of shiba inu poking their heads through walls and rice ball proposal ring sets.

Kitan Club has decided to collaborate with Japanese figure maker Tsutomu Funahashi to release a capsule toy genre we didn't know we wanted--adorable cats you can pull out of matchboxes.

The strangely adorable "Matchbox Cats" come in four different "breeds" of cats, and places them in matchbox designs (each sporting different artwork on their label) made to reflect a retro Japanese style.

Black and white

Orange tabby



When you slide out the cat, you'll be greeted by them looking up at you with their little inquisitive kitty eyes. They go on sale at capsule toy machines throughout Japan on November 14th for 500 yen a try.

By - Big Neko.