With adorable ham and egg hamsters and Cthulian squid-watermelon hybrids, capsule toys, or "Gacha", can get pretty creative in Japan. Despite the seemingly never ending wave of inventive capsule toys, however, squeezable lumps of poop probably would not be one you'd assume to exist--until now!

Thanks to Tokyo's popular Unko Museum (Poop Museum), capsule toys vending machines around Japan will now be stocked with "Bikkuri BIG! Unko Squeeze" (surprisingly big poop squeeze)--colorful squeezable poop toys modeled after the museum's super colorful "kawaii" poop.

If you're not familiar with the Poop Museum, it's an interactive and educational museum related to all things poop, but mostly with a playful and "cute" aesthetic (it recently expanded to a poop arcade and poop convenience store). However, the spread of COVID-19 has made travel to the museum not the wisest of moves, so the museum has decided to bring the poop to you with four 85mm x 90mm (3.35 x 3.54 inches) squeezable poops that pop right out of their capsules, and are replicas of poop in the museum.

Flying pastel poop

The poop found in the museum's "Insta-poop area", with colorful poops made for posting on Instagram.

Golden poop

The museum has a section where you sit on a toilet and are rewarded with a random colored poop--the golden is said to be lucky.

Painting colorful poop

A poop from the museum's Pooperactive area, where you play with your environment by stepping on poop.

Galaxy volcano poop

The landmark icon of the museum, a large poop volcano that "erupts" throughout the day.

The museum itself currently has adjusted hours as a safety precaution against COVID-19, but the poop squeezes can be purchased at capsule toy machines throughout Japan for 500 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.