The events of the past year have led to a rise in products aiming for that ‘cafe at home’ experience, and thanks to this new lineup from 7-Eleven, there’s no reason to give up on the luxurious matcha desserts that Japan is famous for, even if you have to stay inside.

The collection includes three sweet creations, and all of them are made with the finest matcha from Kyoto’s Uji, an area known for their high quality tea. The lineup has been created in collaboration with Itohkyuemon, a famous green tea specialist founded in Kyoto in 1832.

The matcha crepe may have become a contentious issue when it was featured in the Great British Bake Off, but whether or not you think it’s representative of Japanese baking, it’s sure to be delicious. For 7-Eleven’s creation, they’ve wrapped both rich matcha cream and a lighter matcha whipped cream together in a wafer thin crepe. This treat should already be in-store and costs 178 yen (plus tax).

The next offering is some mini mochi. These sweet rice cakes are filled with a matcha and white bean paste filling and would match perfectly with a cup of tea. They will appear from 24th November and will cost 170 yen (plus tax).

Itohkyuemon and 7-Eleven’s last dessert in the collection is a matcha bavarois, which consists of the green tea flavoured bavarois along with Hokkaido-sourced red bean paste and whipped cream. This sweet will also be released from 24th November, but is the priciest of all them, setting you back 300 yen (plus tax).

So if you want to make your own matcha sweet specialty cafe at home, these desserts can be found in 7-Elevens across Japan (excluding Okinawa) in the chilled desserts section.

By - Jess.