Thanks to Japan's penchant for eccentrically-flavoured snacks, potato chips are a novel and convenient way to get a taste of the country’s numerous and diverse regional specialties. Earlier this year, Pringles released a ramen flavoured version of their famous chips, specifically based on the Kanto area’s shoyu noodle dish.

Next in the Pringle man’s salty sights is the area of Tokai, and the immensely popular food, tebasaki. Tebasaki is chicken wings which have been deep fried and glazed with a sweet soy sauce, and the dish is usually associated with the city of Nagoya in Aichi prefecture.

Just like the chicken wings themselves, Pringles’ creation is packed with umami and a smattering of pepper.

The packaging is adorned with various Tokai-inspired motifs, as well as, interestingly, a tebasaki-holding potato chip riding a golden shachihoko swimming in cooking oil. The Pringles are sold in packs of three cans making them a perfect souvenir from your travels to Tokai.

This Pringles flavour will go on sale from 24th November and can only be found in Aichi, Gifu, and Mie Prefecture. If you’re on the lookout for them, or any other region-specific snacks, a good place to try is major train stations, airports, and souvenir shops near tourist attractions.

By - Jess.