Japanese character designer impresses with stunning artwork.

Many of talented Japanese artists that have gained popularity on social media tend to explore larger themes through their artwork, whether it be the need for animals to comfort humans in trying times or the darker aspects of societal and mental issues. Sometimes, however, the depth of an artist's work can be found in the originality and scale of the design and world they can imagine. That seems to be exactly the case with PALOW, an illustrator and character designer that creates original universes and characters in a stunning blend of fantasy and science fiction.

Born in Fukuoka, PALOW has worked as a character designer on the anime Soutaisekai, as well as done artwork for projects by 2D/3D singer-songwriter Sanketsu-Girl Sayuri. It's no wonder PALOW's artwork can fit so seamlessly in a variety of anime and music-related projects, as he seems to invest a lot of effort not only into the aesthetic design of characters, but the worlds from which they come. His illustrations feature hybrids of metal and human he calls "insect mecha girls", fantasy designs that could fit in the universes of Princess Mononoke or Alice in Wonderland, and even breathtaking Blade Runner-eque cityscapes--all while feeling strikingly original.

Along with professional and original artwork, PALOW also dabbles in fan-art, including some of virtual idol Hatsune Miku. Here are just a few standout pieces of PALOW's gorgeous character design. If you'd like to see more, please check out PALOW's Twitter, homepage, and pixiv.

By - Big Neko.