Geta, or traditional elevated Japanese sandals, make for an awesome souvenir from Japan, but many find them to be difficult to walk in and perhaps a bit of an awkward match for casual clothing. Perhaps cat lovers will be satisfied by the adorable kitty-shaped geta, but those looking to not stand out may need another option. Fortunately Japanese leather footwear manufacturer Lift is looking to offer just that with vibram sole leather geta that offer comfort, mobility, and an aesthetic that matches with even the most casual getup.

The made-to-order shoes are currently in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign, but are made using traditional leather-crafting techniques and a spongey outer Vibram sole provides a soft and shock absorbing texture for maximum comfort.

The thong's leather is especially crafted to avoid discomfort, and the casual lightweight style of the geta mean you don't need a yukata or kimono to look good in them.

While the crowdfunding campaign still has some time left before an announcement is made, the leather geta are planned for three sizes, S,M, and L. As modern fashion and traditional fashion fusions gain more popularity in Japan, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on the crowdfunding page.

By - Big Neko.