Lots of people like to add interest to their crockery by investing in a few cute figurines. A toast rack that looks like a porcupine, or a teapot in the shape of a frog, for example.

Or this little milk jug, which is styled to resemble a cat. Pick him up, tilt him forwards and the milk comes out of his mouth.

Reproduced with permission from Jean-Claude Takashi (@jctakashi)

At first sight, he seems inoffensive enough. What could possibly go wrong? Well, try pouring some milk into a cup of coffee and you’ll soon find out.

Pour too quickly and you’ll be spitting your coffee all over the place with laughter. “Too much laughter and abdominal pain!” protested one Japanese Twitter user.

Reproduced with permission from Jean-Claude Takashi (@jctakashi)

Unfortunately, this seemingly cute piece of porcelain comes with a fatal flaw, as its owner, Twitter user Jean-Claude Takashi (@jctakashi), discovered when he poured some milk from his new milk jug into a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

On 17th November, Jean-Claude Takashi tweeted, “I really liked this milk jug. But when I used it… (゜ A ゜;)”

Reproduced with permission from Jean-Claude Takashi (@jctakashi)

What do you think the cat might be thinking? Something along the lines of “Don’t mind me. It only looks like I’m vomiting into your favourite brew…”

Jean Claude Takeshi’s post had many Twitter users in fits of laughter and was soon trending.

“Oh oh! He looked so cute before he was put to work!” said one.

“This made me laugh so hard! And he looked so cute!” said another.

“I’m sure the pained expression on his face only makes the coffee taste sweeter!” wrote a third.

“I have the same milk jug too!” responded another. “But I only use him as a figurine!”

“Be careful not to use him when you have friends over for tea,” warned another. “If you do, I’m sure the coffee won’t stay in their mouths for long!”

Jean Claude says that he still likes his favourite milk jug. But he has learned to think twice before using his puking pussy cat again.

By - George Lloyd.