We at Grape Japan have a healthy interest—*cough* obsession *cough*—with cats. What else would you expect from an online platform. We've covered underwear that can be folded into a cat-shaped pocket along the inner seam, a cat who thinks she's a shiba inu, another that "attacked" a delivery person, as well as a Twitter cat who hides in kitchen cabinets. Personally, this last one is the most intriguing. There is just something about cats and cozy places. Almost inseparable…

The Cat in the Bag

Indeed, cats love tight places. Recently, manga artist KyuryuZ (@kyuryuZ) posted a piece based on a real-life event. Just as the workday was about to begin, the author's cat Kyuryuga was nowhere to be found.

Reproduced with permission from KyuryuZ (@kyuryuZ)

Reproduced with permission from KyuryuZ (@kyuryuZ)

It's too bad KyuryuZ noticed. That would have been an exciting day at work.

Readers could relate to the situation:

  • “I totally get this. When my cat was a kitten, she would always sneak into my school bag. I often thought of leaving my books and taking her with me.”
  • “My cat also hides in my bag every day. She might be trying to say 'let's go,' or she just wants me to take her with me. Either way, it's really cute.”
  • “I thought about bringing my precious cat with me to work countless times. She’d brighten my working day.”

I suppose that’s the joy of working from home. Your cats are always with you...for better or worse.

If you liked this manga, check out KyuryuZ’s Twitter page. The author has many more posts centered around life with Kyuryuga the cat.

By - Luke Mahoney.