Every winter, Tokyo’s various districts battle it out to see who can put on the most elaborate illuminations and bustling Shinjuku is no exception. The area around Shinjuku station becomes a Christmas wonderland with various lights, music and things to see.

This year, they’re taking inspiration from some famous Sanrio characters for their theme, and even adding an AR twist to help anyone, anywhere, experience the holiday season fun.

The chosen characters are the adorable duo Little Twin Stars, also known as Kiki and Lala. Their signature pastel colours are out in full force for the theme of ‘Twinkle Color Christmas’.

A four-metre tall tree will be installed at the Shinjuku Southern Terrace from 1st December until 25th. It’s decorated with sparkling mirror balls so that it shines during the day as well as the nighttime.

Every weekend during the event, fans of the characters can also get a hold of some Little Twin Stars inspired treats from the Cafe Wagon. There’s a Kiki and Lala Chocolate Latte (400 yen) and a ‘Twinkle Crepe’ (600 yen).

Also since people may be avoiding crowds or travelling this year, they’ve come up with a way to let anyone enjoy a slice of the seasonal magic just by using their smartphone. They’ve created an AR replica of the tree which can be seen on the screen and used as a prop in photos, so wherever you are you can feel like you’re a part of Shinjuku’s Christmas event. Check it out here!

By - Jess.