Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle will be the twenty-third film addition to the Pokémon Universe and the first film in the Generation VIII series. The movie is set to grace theatrical screens across Japan from Friday 25 December 2020.
To celebrate the film’s release, a limited edition reusable drinking cup, featuring a terrarium type encasement for the lid has been unveiled.

Terrariums are usually dome-shaped sealed containers used to grow plants, and can be open and closed for easy access to help maintain anything inside.

The limited edition drinking cup terrarium is located in the dome-shaped lid, and contains two adorable figurines; a cute sleeping Pikachu and a watchful Celebi sitting on a tree stump. The container also comes with a sprinkling of loose plastic leaves, resembling fallen leaves that you may see on a forest floor.

The terrarium lid can be removed from the cup body and displayed alone, whilst the cup, featuring the poster design of the upcoming Pokémon movie, can be used as a pen or accessory case.

The terrarium is only small and can be used as a simple keepsake display, but if you are feeling particularly creative, there is nothing stopping you from sprinkling a layer of soil and miniature plants such as a clump of moss or some tasty herbs for Pikachu and Celebi to chill out in.

The terrarium-style drinking cup will be on sale at participating theatres from 11 December 2020, and can be used to accompany the new movie from 25 December 2020.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.