Pika-clause, or Santa-chu depending on wherever in the world you’re based, is delivering an awesome Christmas present to all of us on December 25th with the release of Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. For fans of the franchise, this makes the countdown to Christmas day even more exciting, but harder to endure! Thankfully, the folks over at Tik Tok have prepared an early Pokemon theme Christmas gift and festive contest to keep users in Japan entertained until the movie’s release. Find out more about the “Secrets of the Sweater” below!

Tik Tok’s festive Pokémon filters and hashtag contest

To celebrate the release of the latest Pokémon Movie, Tik Tok have released a fun and festive Pokémon Christmas filter for users of the short video app to enjoy when making their next video.

After selecting the filter in the app, users have to answer a series of Christmas themed questions. Based on the answers, a special Pokemon image will pop up above users’ heads so they can record a Pokemon themed video of themselves!

But that’s not all. Tik Tok are also offering the chance to win an adorable Pokémon Christmas sweater for anyone who adds the hashtag #ポケモンはクリスマス, #pokemonhakurisumasu, translating as “#PokemonIsChristmas” in Japanese.

The green and red sweater features Greedant surrounded by white Christmas icons! Greedant is a squirrel type pokemon introduced in the Sword and Shield games that features in the new Secrets of the Jungle movie. The sight of this jumper will surely have Pokemon trainers jumping for joy and snatching up their smartphones to record their very own Pokemon Christmas video on Tik Tok.

The 20 trainers who Tik Tok judges to have made the best videos using #ポケモンはクリスマス will receive an M sized Greedant sweater. Time is limited to participate in the hashtag contest however which only runs from December 18th to December 24th. So if all you want for Christmas is 2020’s best sweater, forget those last-minute greetings cards! Pick up your smartphone and start catering Pokémon-themed Tik Tok videos!

Campaign Details

  • Campaign Period: Friday December 18 - Thursday December 24
  • Entry method: Take a Tik Tok video using the special Christmas Pokemon filter currently available in the app. Add the hashtag: #ポケモンはクリスマス to your video.
  • Winners announcement: winners will be notified by a push notification from the Tik Tok app on their smartphone after entries close on December 24th
  • Rules: users can post as many videos as they like using the hashtag #ポケモンはクリスマス, but only one prize can be awarded per user. The Tik Tok app can only be used by those aged 13 or over so any younger Pokefans must enter with their parents. Finally, those with private accounts cannot participate in the contest as their posts cannot be seen by Tik Tok.
  • Campaign page link

Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle

The new Pokémon Movie: Secrets of the Jungle follows Ash and Pikachu’s exciting encounter with Coco, a mysterious jungle boy who seems to have been raised by Pokemon and believes he too is one of the cute creatures. Find out how the story unfolds by visiting your local cinema in Japan on December 25th. More details are here!

By - Toby M.