2020 has obviously been an extremely difficult year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic both for private citizens and companies alike. The restaurant industry has particularly suffered. In order to bring some cheer to customers and create a happy topic to shine some positive light in the Japanese restaurant industry as well, two companies have joined forces to create "Happy Rainbow Ramen."

Snaplace Inc. which uses AI to identify, collect, and curate information on the most Instagenic places, shops and events in Japan, and Asrapport Co., Ltd., which owns the Hokkaido-born ramen chain Dosanko Ramen came up with the idea and worked hard through trial and error. The result was a ramen dish that is not only eminently Instagrammable but also delicious with rich and satisfying flavors, thus sure to please both your eyes and your taste buds.

Using Dosanko's miso curry ramen, a long-running favorite dish now celebrating its 50th anniversary, as its base, Happy Rainbow Ramen drapes cheese fondue sauce in the seven colors of the rainbow over seven succulent strips of chashu braised pork belly.

Fresh vegetables retaining their crunchiness, soft-boiled miso-flavored eggs and the satisfying thick and juicy chashu strips, the rich miso curry broth and the perfectly cooked noodles which will be coated in rainbow colors as you enjoy them. "Happy Rainbow Ramen" is sure to please you and entertain those who see your photos on your social media account.

For more details, see the official page here.

Product Information

  • Name: ハッピーレインボーラーメン | Happy Rainbow Ramen
  • Available from December 8th, 2020
  • Prie: 1,280 JPY (incl. tax)
  • Flavor base: Miso Curry Ramen
  • Toppings: Stir-fried vegetables, seasoned egg (1), chashu (7) coated with cheese
  • Available at: Dosanko Otemachi, Miso Katsu Marunouchi, Mensakagura Dosanko Shinkiba, Dosanko Hahiyodai, Dosanko x Toritetsu Tamaho-Idaimae, and Dosanko Shimomaezu locations
  • Note: In some locations, the soup base, miso and noodles may differ.

By - Ben K.