Japan’s branches of Krispy Kreme are always ready to treat doughnut fans to a seasonal specialty or two around the holiday season, and they already announced their super cute set of New Year themed doughnuts for 2021. The set even includes a reference to the Chinese zodiac in the form of a cow shaped doughnut to welcome in the Year of the Ox.

These adorable doughnuts will go on sale from 26th December in Krispy Kreme branches all over Japan. However, the ‘premium’ Krispy Kreme New Year doughnut is so special, you can only buy it in one particular department store in Nagoya (JR Nagoya Takashimaya). So, if you happen to be a lucky inhabitant of Nagoya, you can celebrate New Year in luxury, with a 'Krispy Kreme Premium Cow'. For the premium range, luxury ingredients such as whipped cream is used, and each freshly made doughnut is decorated, one by one in-store.

The ring doughnut’s chocolate coating has taken on a cow print pattern with white and dark chocolate, and there’s an adorable and fluffy whipped cream cow jumping through the middle. Everything on the doughnut is edible from the chocolate features to the pumpkin seed horns. In the centre of the doughnut is a milk custard, made with milk from Jersey cows to add some extra cow-themed goodness.

Like the other New Year Krispy Kreme offerings, the doughnut goes on sale from 26th December and will hang around until about the middle of January 2021, costing 300 yen plus tax. But remember, this lucky treat can only be found in the JR Nagoya Takashimaya branch.

By - Jess.