Within Tokyo’s various holiday displays, there’s plenty of Christmas trees to be found. Some are traditional, while some are more modern, like Shinjuku’s tree inspired by Sanrio characters, Little Twin Stars.

But in Odaiba’s Venus Fort shopping mall, there’s a tree that should be of particular interest to digital art fans. The 8 metre-tall tree, which is located in the Olive Plaza (2nd floor), has been dreamed up by none other than Japan’s famous digital art collective teamLab.

Their intriguing tree, which has received a good reception even holiday season, is made of illuminated spheres. Often art will be accompanied with a threatening ‘do not touch’ sign, but a main feature of teamLab’s works is interactivity. When it comes to this particular Christmas tree, viewers can touch the spheres and affect the art themselves. As one glowing orb is touched, it changes colour and also emits a tone. This also influences the hue and tones of surrounding spheres, causing a chain reaction.

While you’re in Odaiba, you can also check out teamLab’s Mori Building Digital Art Museum, which has some season exhibits going on such as an interactive Christmas drawing wall.

There’s also an ‘Ice Cave’ version of their famous ‘Forest of Resonating Lamps’.

The tree will stick around long after Christmas too, so teamLab’s alternative, festive installation will be viewable until 7th February 2021.

By - Jess.