As we've introduced before in grape Japan, for over four decades, Japan has enjoyed Kentucky Fried Chicken for Christmas. You can call it an invented tradition, but enjoying a meal of fried chicken from KFC is considered natural here.

Now celebrating it's 50th birthday in Japan, KFC seems to be ready to stake out new territory. Now you can not only enjoy KFC for Christmas, but you can also have it as a replacement for the traditional toshikoshi soba (year-tiding soba noodles) and even the elaborate osechi ryōri for New Year's.

Introducing Kenta Ojū ケンタお重

KFC in Japanese is abbreviated to ケンタッキー kentakkī or simply ケンタ kenta, and お重 ojū is short form of 重箱 jūbako, the mutli-tiered lacquered boxes used to serve more elaborate cuisine or dishes like osechi ryōri.

The box is festively decorated with Colonel Sanders' smiling face and a plum flower design appropriate for winter and New Year's time. The traditional lacquer is replaced with paper, and the contents aren't Japanese food, but the spirit of spending this special season with delicious food is the same. Why not enjoy KFC for the New Year's?

Here are the three varieties:

  • 松 Matsu (pine): 3,100 JPY. 3-tiered. Original chicken x 8 pc., Ebi puripuri fry x 3 pc., Colonel Crispy, biscuit, nuggets x 5 pc., fries (L)
  • 竹 Take (bamboo): 2,600 JPY. 3-tiered. Original chicken x 6 pc., Ebi puripuri fry x 2 pc., Colonel Crispy, biscuit, nuggets x 5 pc., fries (L)
  • 梅 Ume (plum): 2,100 JPY. 2-tiered. Original chicken x 4 pc., Ebi puripuri fry, Colonel Crispy, biscuit, nuggets x 5 pc., fries (L)

Back by popular demand: Ebi puripuri fry

Introduced last year and back by popular demand, "Ebi puripuri fry," as its name implies, is plump (expressed by the ideophonic word puripuri), succulent shrimp in a crispy batter.

Special promotions

In keeping with the holiday spirit, when you buy a Kenta Ojū, the following special promotions apply:

At New Year's time, adults in Japanese families often give their children or younger relatives a small monetary gift called otoshidama. KFC wants to give you one too. For each box you purchase, you'll receive an "otoshidama coupon pass" お年玉クーポンパス which gives you a discount when you purchase a set with Colonel's Original Chicken or a Chicken Filet Sandwich, as well as their "Freshly-ground Rich Coffee." The pass is valid until March 31st, 2021.

You'll also be eligible to add "Colonel's Crispy" (2 pc.), Biscuits (2 pc.) or Nuggets (5 pc.) to your order for the special price of 300 JPY each.

This special Year-End and New Year's deal is available between December 26th, 2020 and January 5th, 2021 while supplies last at KFC locations nationwide.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.