I don't think we need to tell you that Japan has a reputation for embracing the more adventurous side of seasonal releases when it comes to burgers and fast food. KFC in Japan, however, has comparatively played things pretty safe up until now outside of offering KFS (Kentucky Fried Salmon), some soy sauce slathered fried chicken, and even whisky at one point. Now however, the Japanese branches of the Colonel's fried chicken calorie empire is embracing an item that combines fried chicken and pizza: The Chizza.

This actually isn't a Japan exclusive or a new release for KFC, however, as countries such as South Korea, India, and The Philippines have offered the heavy dish before. It'll be an alternative to the Double-Down for Japanese eaters, however. As its name suggests, the Chizza substitutes pizza dough with slices of fried chicken, topped with cheesy pizza goodness. Here's the official release picture.

Like many seasonal fast food releases in Japan, the Chizza will run for a limited time, starting on November 2nd and selling for 980 yen. During the Japanese Christmas season, KFC is considered a go-to meal for families and couples. While the item may not run that long, perhaps it can offer itself up as a makeshift Thanksgiving meal for those brave enough to tackle it. Here are some commercials from when the item came out in India and The Philippines.

KFC Japan has been teasing the release for a while with an ominous box of Chizza threatening different areas of Japan as if it were a Godzilla-esque beast, which it appears to be.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.