Along with the fitting caption of “Excuse me…?” a photo posted on twitter is going viral.

We can often observe a dog looking up at its owner for attention, while the owner is working away at the desk. Well, I guess some dogs are little needier than that. Take a look at this woman at her desk, and what she has on her back (Literally) while working.

So, he is definitely not a lap dog.

He can be even taller than his owner when he stands on his rear legs.

This is Subaru the Akita Inu, a mascot dog of Centre for Akita Inu Association. He will turn 2 on February 6th, 2021.

The lady whose shoulders Subaru is holding onto is his owner, and she walks to work with Subaru every day.

There is also a video of Subaru on "Akita inu Hozon association” (Public interest incorporated association of Akita Inu preservation) Twitter account.

Although his body ratio looks a bit much in comparison to his owner’s, it’s definitely a cute picture of this sweet, gentle giant!

The photo received many comments on Subaru from the viewers:

“I had to take a second look. I thought I was looking at a bear!”

“He’s huge… for a second, I thought the ratio in this photo was a mistake.”

“The way the lady owner sort of ignores the dog being on her back is so cynical and funn.”

By the way, Subaru takes on the reception duty on weekdays only, with a great smile to all the visitors…

Like this!

Subaru’s size startles people at first when they see him at the reception desk, but who can resist his sweet smile!

Subaru will continue to spread his love from the Centre of Akita provincial association, along the side of his owner!

By - Mugi.