Snoopy and the gang never let us down when we were kids and needed a laugh, and always seemed to know how to cheer us up with their daily shenanigans. And even now that we’re grown adults, at Tokyo’s Snoopy Museum, our beloved Peanuts characters are still putting smiles on our faces — in a slightly more grownup way.

Like all museums in Japan, the Snoopy Museum in Roppongi has a themed cafe. But at Cafe Blanket, the museum’s Peanuts-themed cafe, there’s a special Happy Hour where visitors can relax after a long day with a cold glass of free sangria.

Free sangrias have been offered during the cafe’s Happy Hour since July, and will be given out until September 23rd. However, they’re only available on weekdays after 6PM, to the first 100 people to visit the cafe. It’s the perfect way to end a hectic workday, or a day spent looking at the Snoopy exhibitions at the museum.

Customers can choose from two sangrias — a delicious sangria made from four different berries, or a non-alcoholic lemonade and apple sangria.

Even outside of Happy Hour, visitors can still enjoy adorable plates of food at the cafe, or head to the food truck which will be offering food made at the Peanuts Cafe, a different Snoopy cafe located in Nakameguro. The food truck sells hotdogs, lemonades, and smoothies, and will be a great place to go to for a light meal.

As for the museum itself, the Snoopy Museum will continue to hold new Snoopy exhibitions every six months until September 2018. All exhibitions are curated by the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa, California, giving all visitors the chance to get a close look at unique, original cartoons from the Peanuts collection.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.